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Released on: Feb 22nd, 2022


Madhur Mendiratta -
Founder PRISM WEALTH, Investment Coach

Talk us through your background and journey as an individual /entrepreneur/Coach.
I am an Investment coach by profession and a finance enthusiast by heart. During my college days, I developed an interest in economics and finance. Exploring and understanding how financial markets function became my favourite pass time. Fortunately enough, I kick-started my career in the banking industry. My first job at Standard Chartered Bank gave me enough opportunity to manage High Net Worth accounts and advise them about various investments avenues. While working with banks, we realized we are generating more business and profits for banks by promoting high-revenue products.

But I always wanted to offer my clients the most sought after and researched investment avenues that would yield higher returns on their portfolio. So after a good stint of 13 years with some well renowned Indian and Foreign banks, I decided to start Prism Wealth which is a consultancy service providing customized investment solutions to individuals and firms. My experience of handling HNIs and managing their money came in handy. Through this venture, I am passionately able to connect with the client’s financial goals and partner with them in their wealth creation journey.

If you had to start over would you choose a corporate career or being an entrepreneur/Coach and why?

I would always choose to start with a corporate career. Working in the corporate enables an individual to learn diversified skills that create a strong base for their entrepreneurial journey. Being an entrepreneur is another ball game together, one gets the freedom to explore a lot of new things while taking responsibility for all the stakeholders.

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
In times of instant gratification, the major challenge is to convince the investors to be invested for the long term. With easy access to financial news and tips, investors react and exit the markets with a drop of a pin. Also with the advent of new money-making instruments like cryptocurrency, people get swayed to quick returns. But the key to good returns is always to stay invested for long. So to overcome this challenge I often share stories of my clients who stayed invested despite bad news in the market and made phenomenal returns, much beyond their expectations. Here I would like to share my family example where my father bought shares of well-reputed companies and held them for 15-20 years, from where the returns manifolded and ensured a good inflow of money for him to enjoy his retired life.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand /start-up /institution?
We are a client-centric organization, our philosophy at Prism Wealth is to put our client’s interest first. Our key focus remains on understanding the client’s financial goals and offering them a customized financial plan. While designing a financial plan a lot of attention is paid to details like investors’ financial goals, their risk appetite, investment tenure, their present cash flow, etc. Along with that, we focus on building long-term relations with all our clients and ensure trust-building. All in all, we want people to attain financial freedom and enjoy their wealth while on the path of wealth creation.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
I believe, Handling people’s hard-earned money and helping them achieve their financial goals is no less than social work (pun intended ). Podcasts on kyaa Matlab is one such initiative to spread financial awareness. Also, I keep doing webinars on my social media channels and various other platforms to help people understand the importance of financial freedom. Running Investor awareness initiatives like conducting short sessions for business organizations and their employees.

What is your business/success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
My Mantra is to educate and make clients confident about their investment decisions. Also, be very transparent in my approach towards handling my client’s hard-earned money. We don’t believe in the world of hidden charges or hidden risks. We believe once a client comes to us he/she gets taken care of in a way that it becomes a lifelong relationship and we become wealth partners for their entire family.

One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
India is a land of opportunities one can create massive wealth by being a part of India’s growth story. So let’s not wait and start your investment journey with us!

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