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SheeRaa is an online magazine that aims to change the world by publishing stories of visionaries and their take on success. Entrepreneurial mantras for business and brand enrichment. A wholesome view of growth

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Learn your lessons from the masters of the industry. Join our SheeRaa community, A platform that recognizes your passion and true potential. Get recognized for your work and get a chance to be featured on our website.

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Our Team

Rashi Khanna - Founder

Rashi Khanna, an empath, is the CEO and founder of KYAA MATLAB NETWORK and has over 25 years of experience. Rashi is a NIMHANS-certified Lay Counsellor, as well as a competent podcaster and speaker. Rashi has given podcasting seminars at a number of management conferences and institutes, including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Furthermore, her podcast workshops on BookMyShow sell out faster than one can blink. Rashi is the Honorary Chair of the Ra by Rashi Foundation, an NGO that helps SMEs and micro-businesses through Business story video features. She is building her e-magazine “SHEERAA,” which offers unique business stories from visionaries and strives to change the world.
As a podcast production firm, KYAA MATLAB NETWORK has demonstrated expertise for businesses or individuals to outsource their podcast creation to a team of specialists led by Rashi. To keep listeners interested, Kyaa Matlab allows you to podcast your beliefs, and feelings on a variety of topics such as money, youth, astrology, stocks investing, mindfulness, beauty, SME solutions, spirituality, poetry and shayari and much more.

Shiva Chaudhary – Outreach Manager & Head of Operations

Shiva Chaudhary is the Outreach Manager & Head of Operations of SheeRaa. He is a student at Christ University, Bangalore | Digital Marketer | Website Developer | Graphic Designer | Video Editor . He is a student who took a Gap year after his 12th Standard, which allowed him to enter the IT industry. Working at a very early stage helped him in gaining a lot of exposure prior to college.

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“Empathize, Energize & Empower” to enable strength at broken places with customized and sustainable solutions. Our initiatives provide the momentum that enables changing lives and not merely touching them. We are committed to reinvigorating social and economic well-being to anyone in need. 

Kyaa Matlab is your sounding board where you can share your thoughts, opinions, feelings and let the world know that you MATTER.