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‘Chaitanya – Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’ is an exemplary effort by Dr. Jasmi Doshi , reflecting her comprehensive research, innovative approach and consummate understanding of the mystical study of Tarot.
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Internationally acclaimed Tarot Grand-Master, Dr. Jasmi Doshi ,Being awarded a doctorate for her award-winning research, about connecting the spiritual essence of Jainism with the aim of enhancing the accuracy of Tarot readings, prompted Dr. Jasmi to debut as an author with ‘Chaitanya – Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’, released in esteemed presence of sir Ratan Tata.

Welcome to the transformative world of Roshani Shenazz, an internationally recognized Thought Leader in the realms of happiness, spiritual, healing, wellness, and wellbeing. As a distinguished Energy Healing Medium, Accredited Therapist / Training Provider by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine – U.K., A Happiness Coach and Wellness Expert; Roshani brings a unique blend of expertise to guide individuals and organizations towards a harmonious and abundant existence. With accolades such as being named among the “50 Most Fabulous Happiness Leaders” at the World HRD Congress and securing a spot in the “BW 20 Most Influential Women Wellbeing Leaders,” and Recipient of the UN REX Karmaveer Jyoti Puraskar, Roshani stands at the forefront of positive change. Her diverse skill sets extend from counseling, mentoring, coaching, to spiritual energy healing, making her a sought-after authority in the field of Healing, Wellness and Conscious Leadership.Join Roshani on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and joy as she empowers individuals and businesses to thrive through her insightful seminars, training sessions, keynotes, and energy-infused logo designs. Welcome to a world where happiness is not just a goal but a way of life.

An occultist interprets celestial patterns and charts to determine how stars and planets affect people’s lives.They help people navigate the ups and downs of life by providing astrologically based insights and forecasts. Occultist Piannka Bajaj specialises in Numerology, Tarot Reading and Vastu Consulting at URJA. Deep consultations and treatments are available for all types of vastu dosh, lucky colours, and directions.Her specialties include numerology and tarot treatments.

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Ranju Mehrotra is an Astro Numerologist and Maha Vastu Consultant. Ranju began her profession as a teacher in an elementary school. But because she always had an interest for occult studies, she became certified in numerology, astrology, and vastu and began a profession as an astro-numerologist and Maja Vastu Consultant. She has over 11 years of experience in this quest. She never stopped teaching, though, and  she still does so now.
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