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Founder at GURUKULAM -The shloka learning school

About GURUKULAM –The Passion I’ve transformed into my Profession.
Bangalore is not short of Music Schools, Dance Schools, Art Schools or Yoga Schools so why not a Shloka School that aims at keeping our kids abreast of cultural knowledge?

Damini Grover - Counseling Psychologist | Emotional Intelligence Facilitator | Life Coach | Author

I am a Counseling Psychologist, Life Coach, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life & Emotional Intelligence Facilitator. I am also a Writer at the Elephant Journal and have authored two books…

Mindset Transformation Coach | Spiritual Wellness Advocate Mentor

I started working early in life. While my friends were out and about socializing, I would have to be at work, as soon as my lectures were over. Straight after my 10th standard my father told me that I would not be getting pocket money from then on, but a salary.

Vandana Tolani - Founder & CEO at Convanto
Top 10 Women Leaders In Wealth Management 2021 | Venture Capital | Investment Management

I had my own Family Office in Singapore and Jakarta. I worked as an Investment Banker & Advisor to Family Offices and Angel investors in Jakarta, Indonesia, helping start-ups from a diverse background, from Fin-Tech and B2B Tech all the way to consumer startups.

NIDHI GOYAL - Mahavastu Aacharya
Founder at PANCHTATVA BALANCING Karmic and Vastu Expert

Happy to introduce myself Nidhi Goyal Mahavastu Aacharya, Founder at Panchtatva Balancing.Looking back it’s been 20 years into the field of Vastu Shastra .Since school days I have had high interest in historical places and was awarded as National level Geography Awardee.

Automatic Writing Expert | Healer | Tarot Card Reader

I am an Automatic Writing Expert, a medium, a healer and a tarot card reader. Automatic writing is a module through which we channel or talk to souls on the other side, this includes our gods and goddesses, ascendent masters like Guruji n Sai baba, our arch angels , angels and spirit guides. With this technique we also connect to the high consciousness of universe.

Dr. Shivani Khetan Ph.D. D.Sc.

I believe the purpose of any business should be to make life better for people. Coming from Textiles background and working in home furnishing for eight years as production merchandiser was my dream job. In due course I started my journey in tarot and transcendental meditation. My journey in the last 15 years, learning & experiencing Vipassana meditation was an eye opener to understand my values and new course to take for my own self development.

Honorary Chairperson
FOUNDER – GIVERS FOR A CAUSE, A Non-Government Organization.

I’ve spent most of my life as a housewife, taking care of my family. When I was a young girl, my grandmother was my best friend. She used that friendship to inculcate ideas of love and service in me. When I became a mom, I tried to pass along the same values. However, I felt something was amiss because I was not actively doing anything about my values.

Shalima Motial | Founder & CEO | Dream Catchers Vision Entrepreneur | Actor | Writer | Podcaster | Producer | Influencer

“Jump, and then make your parachute!” is how I live life. Why stay on the ground making your parachute, overthinking your dreams, when the real excitement is in jumping and having that faith in yourself right here, right now! That’s why we started Dream Catchers in 2011; we wanted to help fulfill artist’s dreams by providing them with a platform for them to showcase their talent and to urge them to take that leap of faith.


I am a writer, content creator, travel enthusiast and entrepreneur. I am an MBA in HR. A multi-tasker who has managed her personal and work life well and is happy with my achievements. Above all I can say I have been successful in pursuing what I love the most – writing, blogging and creating my own travel website ( while simultaneously on the personal front carrying on the role of a mother and a home-maker.


I have been born and raised here. In a joint family with my grandparents, my two uncles, and one aunt In our family, my grandfather was very strict especially with girl child my bua was married when she cleared her 10th class and same thing he would tell to my father after I cleared my 10th class but my father took the decision that I can do my graduation but I would go to only girls college and not out of station & I was engaged in my final year & married I got married to an Army officer (arranged marriage) & I got married to

Kavitha Lakshmi Manevannan
Certified Lifebook Leader at The Lifebook Company | Personal Branding Strategist | Image Consultant | Etiquette Expert | Public Speaker | Podcaster

Having donned diverse leadership roles globally for 14 years in the corporate sector, her job experience gave her ample opportunity to realize how portraying the right image was critical in the success of an individual be it at any designation. It was tragic to observe that many a time people’s first impression was their biggest barrier. This observation changed her trajectory. She picked up such candidates, mentored and groomed them, helping them land their dream jobs /promotions.

Nayanmani Baruah
Founder NAYAN'S Entrepreneur I Fashion Designer I Women Leader I Exporter I Traveller

In 2001, I graduated from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women in New Delhi with a degree in Fashion Design. As a Designer and Merchandiser in Delhi from 2002 to 2009, I had a long career in the fashion industry there. However, working for someone else does not fill me with joy. I had an inspiration in myself telling me to take action on my own and so my strong desire to do something made me start with my own .As a result, I’ve chosen to return to my hometown and start a business of my own. I moved to Guwahati in 2009 as a result.

Sonu Singh
Personality Development Coach | Corporate Trainer| Author

Hi my name is Sonu Singh, by educational qualification I am a BSc. Graduate from Calcutta University and a Postgraduate in Management (Marketing) from Ahmedabad.
As per my professional degree goes, I am an International Certified Image Consultant & a Soft Skills trainer. I got my Image Consulting certificate from the Conselle of Image Management and an SQA certified Soft Skills Trainer. I am also certified by NABET “Train the Trainer program”.

Kriti Agarwal
Art Corner by Kriti

I call myself a Creative Individual, and artist and a dream business owner. 
I come from a simple and close knitted family where my parents supported me in every decision of my life and career. 

Dr.Maral Yazarloo-Pattrick Entrepreneur | Fashion Designer Biker | Traveler

Travelled to India in 2004 to pursue higher education, where I completed my MBA and PhD at the University of Pune. I joined Panchshil Real Estate as a trainee while pursuing my PhD and getting ready for my research. I was born in Iran in 1981 and studied BBA at the Kar University in Tehran.

Ritu Hirani
Founder of ShineSpace life coaching services
ICF certified Life Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Podcaster

I realised my purpose at a very young age in life, at the age of 11 when I was sexually abuse and while suffered in silence for many years i realised that i want to reach out to people who are suffering in silence  like me. And this purpose later became my passion and that’s how I am impacting and adding value to people’s life as a life coach. 

Professor of Communication - Physics Wallah
Soft skills Corporate Trainer
Content Creator
Josh talk speaker

I realised my purpose at a very young age in life, at the age of 11 when I was sexually abuse and while suffered in silence for many years i realised that i want to reach out to people who are suffering in silence  like me. And this purpose later became my passion and that’s how I am impacting and adding value to people’s life as a life coach. 

TED Speaker, Chief Consultant and KaVeeBhu

Energy Worker | Body Whispering Facilitator | Business Whisperer | Baby Whisperer | ICF-PCC Coach | OD Practitioner | Inspiring Mentor 2023

We are all beings of energy and thus, everyone is an energy worker. Look at a new born. All you will find is pure, unadulterated energy that instantly makes you feel good and happy. That infant, without any labels or learning or effort has instantly healed some part of you. Of course, it has taken me long, long years to arrive at this knowing.