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Released on: Oct 18th, 2023

TED Speaker, Chief Consultant and KaVeeBhu

Energy Worker | Body Whispering Facilitator | Business Whisperer | Baby Whisperer | ICF-PCC Coach | OD Practitioner | Inspiring Mentor 2023

Talk us through your background and your journey as a multi-faceted energy worker ?
We are all beings of energy and thus, everyone is an energy worker. Look at a new born. All you will find is pure, unadulterated energy that instantly makes you feel good and happy. That infant, without any labels or learning or effort has instantly healed some part of you. Of course, it has taken me long, long years to arrive at this knowing. I am actually a dually-specialised MBA, running a small company in the area of Leadership and Organisation Transformation. Interestingly, it took me some time to get that the work I do also has an element of Healing.

To Heal is to work towards removing blocks – mental, physical, emotional, energetic – to bring back to wholeness. In that, anyone who is able to work with another and bring them into a state of wholeness and completeness is a healer, is an energy worker. I consciously started on the journey of attempting to go back to the wholeness of me in 2006. I was going through a very taxing time emotionally because of a physical ailment and people’s reaction to that ailment. I had developed psoriasis in 1994, when I turned 18 and had ugly pink spots all over on my face by the time I turned 22 – in later years, I have joked that I used to look like a pink dalmatian! That led to people treating me a certain way which forced me to remove my People-Are-Kind-and-Good glasses and look at the reality of beauty being skin deep. A cold, white anger (that’s the best I can describe it as) began to take hold of me, and began to root itself inside me. The anger began to spill over into every aspect of my life and no one who knew me prior – including myself – could believe this was the same person they had known.  Thus began my journey into the world of reiki, clairvoyants, deep meditations, Dr. Sha, past life regression therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, applied sciences – what have you. You name a modality and I would have possibly done it. Till I met my teacher, who simply called the healing energy he endowed us with as Faith Healing. No branding, no rituals, no money/energy exchange necessary, just bring down your own judgment, amp up your focus on the other, know that you are connected to everyone and everything and pure healing would flow. Of everything. To everything. It is one of the most life changing experiences to go through. For 12 years this year, I have requested the energies to do whatever is right for the person asking for healing. And the energies have continued to amaze me. Every single time.

Of late, I have been studying how to do Body Whispering work. Body Whispering is a unique modality that is fast  powerful, subtle and gentle all at the same time. It is the personal relationship that the energy creates with the receiver’s body and that the body creates with the energy! Energy has no limitations in what it shifts and creates – from your health to your wealth, relationships, joy, ease and so much more that you not even have considered possible! From healing to creation, to recreation, rejuvenance and rejoicing, Body Whispering energies work in their mysteriously magical way to do what is greater for the individual and their energy.

While they are two different ways of working with energy – in one, the receiver receives the energy for a specific area of their life with their willingness and faith and in the other, the receiver co-creates with their energy – they are both Universal Energy emanating from the same Source. Is one better or more powerful than the other, I have often been asked. NO is my emphatic answer. The difference only lies in how one interacts with the energies.

If you had to start over would you choose this as your profession or another and why?
Faith Healing is not my profession. It is a privilege that I wish upon everyone. Healing in every other way – coaching, counselling, therapy, massage, emotional intelligence, organisational transformation, Body and Business Whispering – all those are my profession. And yes, this is what I would do even if I had to restart my life multiple times over. For the simple reason that in each of these lies empowerment of the individual.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand/talent/style ?
I am usually very clear that the power resides in the energies and in the willingness of the receiver. I am only a conduit and they, the receiver, are responsible for creating the shifts. This is true in coaching, therapy, OD and Body Whispering. I claim no credits for ‘successes’, I claim no responsibility for ‘failures’. The space that I hold with and for them, however, contributes to them tapping into their ‘greater’. Just like a piece of pressured coal needs a polisher to shine it into a brilliant diamond, we all could do someone who believes in us and holds our hand as we shine a light into ourselves. I am a diamond polisher. Even as I am doing what I do, You shine through.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
I work with underprivileged children and women. I have been volunteering my time with Samarpan Foundation for the past 12 years. During the first wave of CoViD, I was out every day distributing rations so our beneficiaries would not starve and struggle for basic amenities. I work with troubled youth and victims of sexual abuse.

What is your success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Keep doing what needs to be done without comparing yourself and competing with others and without worrying about the outcomes.

Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
People who I work with have created very inspiring shifts in their lives. If you are interested in shifting yours, how about you start now?!?

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