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Released on: Jan 10th, 2023


RAKESH SOOD - Rashk ( रश्क)
SHAYAR (शायर)
Founder - Centre for Social Development(India)

Talk us through your background and your journey as an individual and writer/poet.
Mr. Rakesh Sood, a textile consultant and social activist, founded the Centre for Social Development (India). Rakesh graduated from BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and was part of the 7th batch of engineers to join BHEL, India’s largest power equipment manufacturer. Before finding his calling in the textile industry, he worked with leading organizations such as Bharat Forge Limited and Kirloskar Brothers Limited as a consultant for upcoming enterprises, assisting them in establishing supply chain and distribution networks.

Rakesh, an astute political and social observer, believes in the principles of working for society and upliftment of the poor, which his forefathers instilled in him. He has been actively involved in various social programs such as Ganga Action Parivar in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) and the ATAC program of the United Nations of The FICCI DRDO. His current position entails serving as an advisor and project coordinator for the promotion and construction of Bio Digester Toilets in India. His most recent initiative is the Centre for Social Development, which promotes and supports programs that benefit the underprivileged in India.

If you had to start over would you choose a corporate career or being a poet and why?

If given the opportunity, I would undoubtedly choose to work in my primary field, which is management consulting to emerging industries and brands. Branding has always been my strong suit. Aside from this Management career, I would undoubtedly devote myself to humanitarian work. Helping the poor and needy, uplifting the downtrodden, promoting communal harmony among all religions regardless of caste, colour, or creed, and spreading the message of togetherness and unity.
तमाम मज़हबों की ईबादतगाहों में जाकर
ख़ुद ख़ुदाई से यह जाना है
बाद उसके मैनें बंदो को ख़ुदा माना है
Travelled extensively in India and abroad, meeting people from various positions, cultures, thinking, and relegations, and engaging in detailed discussions on a wide range of topics. As a result, I have all of those sweet and sour memories of the outcome. So as per my thinking, one of the best way to express or share your feelings , thoughts, learnings ,achievements, real life experiences is through Poetry/ Shayari and its my Passion too …
शायरी और मेरा चोली दामन का साथ तो रहेगा ही जब तक अल्लाहताला ने उम्र बख़्शी है .

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?

ख़ुदा का ख़ास मेहर होती है
तभी तो ज़िंदगी बसर होती है
रंज़ ओ ग़म से क्यों घबराएं
हर शब के बाद सहर होती है
Life is full of both positive and negative experiences. I’m a firm believer in the present, though I appreciate my past for teaching me to live in all situations and circumstances, but I don’t let it control me because of some wrongdoings.
I see the future as a collection of wishes that may or may not be fulfilled, so why rely on the unknown? The best way to live is to complete your duties with grace, to fulfil your responsibilities honestly, to love all, to shed hatred, and to always praise, remember, and be thankful to God for giving you this wonderful life in which you can do wonders in any field you choose.
There have been many happy and sad incidents in the past that have been of great concern to me, but by the grace of Almighty, all have passed without causing me to stray from my natural noble nature and goal.
Since my childhood, I’ve been a contended person who prefers to live in what’s available rather than lamenting the lack of unavailable commodities. I am grateful for what God has given me, and I will always be grateful to HIM.
Yes, I am a successful person who has accomplished everything that I had hoped for, as if a normal person from a middle-class family could have imagined.

जुनून की तपती धूप ने सोने न दिया
वर्ना सुस्ती की ठंडी छांव में सो जाते
ऊंची उङान का जज़्बा था ज़िंदगी में
नकारा होते तो निचां ईयों में खो जाते

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand ?
Work on a set schedule, advise, execute, and comply with commitments. Simply giving advice is insufficient, the results of the advice should be as planned, so execution under your supervision is critical, as is measurement of your expertise in the field. Finding flaws, loopholes, problems, and uncertainties in a plan or project and correcting them ahead of time is critical to success, and I believe I am capable of doing so.

What is your success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
सफ़र-ए- ज़िंदगी में हर सुबह इक उम्मीद लाती है
रखते हैं जो मुस्बत-फ़िक्र उन्हे क़ामयाब बनाती है
मुस्बत-फ़िक्र =सकारात्मक सोच
जब भी मिला किसी से झुक कर मिला
यही वजह है ताउम्र कोई गिला न मिला

Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
I’ve written a book called “HIDAYATIEN” that contains my Shayari and is available on Amazon. The book was published by the well-known publisher “Diamond Pocket Books New Delhi.” My next book, “HASRATIEN,” will be available soon. It includes Gazal and Sher (couplets) on various topics such as life, love, relationships, relegations, nature, seasons, festivals, friends, and morning messages…
आखिर में :
ज़िंदगी जीने का अलग दस्तूर है मेरा
निभाए सबसे रिश्ते यही क़ुसूर है मेरा
ज़फ़ाओं के बदले वफ़ाऐं की हैं मैने
ख़ुदगर्ज़ समझते हैं यही क़ुसूर है मेरा

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