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Released on: Mar 2nd, 2023

The 15 most influential Women IWD 2023: TOP CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR

Tell us all about your brand/books/businesses
Kreative Minds is more of a Life than a business to me and the team of Kreative Minds. In Kreative Minds we are engaged in learning the most important Skill of Life and that’s knowing yourself with the help of ART. Art forms not only teaches you to identify the hidden skill and talent in oneself, BUT it also gives a meaning to your life. Why do I say So? Simple – We all have ups and downs in our daily life routine, including kids, yes. With the education system changing and the way even the corporate life is evolving, stress, too much work pressure, assessments, assignments all are getting added on. What comes at your rescue is the ARTFORMS that you love and you can go to BE YOU. This is the Simple thing that we try to achieve in Kreative Minds.
Kreative Minds started 6+ years ago just like any other art school/institute. We then realised that what art can do in one’s life and if that change and understanding can be introduced at an early age then nothing better than that, right? That’s what we started doing. We not only focussed on learnings but also started focussing on the usage of the artforms that’s being taught and learnt in our daily life. We have seen and are seeing differences being made in people’s lives. We are very happy to have some of the best Gurus with us who also share the same vision that the team of Kreative Minds has.

How do you do justice to your title?
Hmmm. Justice? I had a vision when I started Kreative Minds and I wanted it to reach every household with no matter what obstacles I had to face. In my view, I have been able to keep up to my thoughts and my vision. As the owner-founder of Kreative Minds and an Artist by profession myself, I believe, If I do not have faith in what I am working on, then there is no difference between me and others. I just didn’t know what to keep the artistic work going on. I want to spread the word and promote Art in every part of the Globe. I have myself seen what good and benefit Art has brought in my life, then why not share that experience with others and let them also experience it in their own way. Just being a part of exhibitions, or showing off my work, is not what will create the difference. So, I took a different path. I started teaching/mentoring/guiding to those who have an interest in Art. Understanding about Art can be given, but interest has to come on their own. Art is what comes from within and what’s hidden within someone is the place where I try to reach and bring that out in front of each individual. The other path I took is, NEVER COMPARE THE ART OF EACH INDIVIDUAL. Why? EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS DIFFERENT AND HAS SOMETHING UNIQUE IN THEM. So, I started on highlighting that uniqueness in them. Well, it’s a journey, I am still walking on the path and I am always in the Journey.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
We contribute to social causes too. Recently we have joined hands with “Save Paws”. This is an initiative taken to take care of dogs and puppies who are not being looked after. During Covid we saw many adoptions when it came to dogs. But a lot of it has now been left on the street. Save Paws is finding such homeless dogs and puppies and are trying to provide shelter, medicine, vaccinations etc. Another place where we are actively contributing is a foundation named SimpleSmile Foundation. This foundation works towards the underprivileged kids. Whenever they are organizing any activity (almost every alternate month in a year), we make sure that we have a small role to play there and we try to support them by providing the required goods during that time. There are few more, where we make our contribution on and off.

One special Quote/message for all communities/brands

Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
Year 2022 has been a good year for Kreative Minds, its learners and for me too. Few of our learners got admission with scholarships in various Art Universities in the UK and the US. 2 of our learners got awarded Gold and Silver positions in exhibitions in the teenage category and many were recognised for their artworks. We started with offline exhibitions and the response of people in our exhibition Esthetique was really good. We were also able to find new homes of the paintings of various artists who participated in Esthetique 2022. For me personally, it was a very good year as I was awarded with 2 prestigious awards. 1st – Women Leaders Award in the Category of Skill Development. 2nd – Women Icon Award for making a contribution in the Art & Culture Field. I was also recognised and felicitated by the esteemed University of Art & Culture – Pracheen Kala Kendra for my work and effort put in.

Keep Imagining and Kreating

Amrita Tiwary
Entrepreneur, Artist & Curator
Kreative Minds
Email: [email protected]

Contact: +91 7719004333



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