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Released on: Mar 6th, 2023


Anjali Gogia
Talk to Big Ears
Speaker l Empath
The 15 Most Influential Women

Talk us through your background and your journey as an Individual/COACH and entrepreneur.
Mrs. Anjali Gogia is an ambitious woman who took a decision to pursue her master’s in Business Administration at the age of 35. She pursued her degree while taking care of her 2 boys. After finishing her studies, she headed on to a corporate job like most MBA graduates would. She stayed and thrived in the corporate arena for 6 years and soon, she felt her job was becoming cushy and decided to work on something she was passionate about and drawn to.

And thus, was born Prabhaav Learnings. It was an organisation that worked around human values. They worked alongside reputed Indian Education Boards like CBSE, NCERT and FICCI to make value education a part of the curriculum till the K12. She was a part of the Sub Committee of the 12th Five Year Plan on Higher Education, wherein they successfully introduced ‘soft skills’ in the course curriculum for Technical Colleges. As a woman of many talents, she essayed one of the first MOOCs on Value Parenting for Pre-schoolers through Planet Edu. She also worked on skill development with the NDSC on soft skills, and the FSSAI for street vendors.While at her peak, Mrs Anjali’s life took a downturn. From a packed schedule, she had to change into a full-time caregiver schedule. She had to become a full-time caregiver to 3 of her immediate family members and suffered a loss of 6 family members in the span of 5 years. At this point of her life, she could have given up. But for Mrs Anjali, the value of ‘Empathy’ became clearer than ever. She brushed off the dust and picked herself up, with a mission to make the world around us more empathetic. Mrs Anjali started working on her skills and decided to continue pursuing her education. She underwent various courses and to name a few – Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University and Mental Wellbeing Practitioner from Rice University. She then went on to launch “Talk to Big Ears” (TTBE), a confidential and non-judgemental, emotional, first aid listening service.

If you had to start over, would you choose a corporate career or being an entrepreneur? And could you please elaborate on why you chose so?
Mrs Anjali says she felt that it was a more practical idea to do a job before she started on her own venture. According to her, a job teaches one how to maintain decorum and discipline and provides a chance to learn working with a team. She says that after a few years working in a corporation, one is ready to embark on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship. She says that entrepreneurship provided her an opportunity to create her own story and journey through every challenge she faced as she journeyed to find success and growth. She says that each step was a learning, and each failure was a lesson for her. She says that because she employed such an attitude, her entrepreneurial ride became worthwhile

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
Mrs Anjali says that her mantra was to hire people who have certain skill sets that she always struggled with. She said that this made her team balanced and strong.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand /start-up?
TTBE is a unique concept, says Mrs Anjali. She says that when a person talks about his or her problems, they hear it themselves and realise that they are capable enough to find their own solutions. One feels that their problems seem very much larger until they are not spoken about. She says it’s called ventilation therapy. In TTBE, a troubled person gets a confidential and non-judgemental Empathetic Listening Buddy who becomes an emotional first aid for the person to recover from the difficult situation the person on the other side of the call is facing.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
TTBE believes that Empathy is that one important value which can change the world. Thus, Mrs Anjali and her team have started initiatives where once a week, anyone can register with them for a free online ventilation therapy session. They have also started SWAYAM, a human library wherein they invite people to come and share their struggles and stories with an audience, aiming to raise the empathetic quotient in the society

What is your business success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Mrs Anjali says that the business environment is changing fast, and we must develop social entrepreneurs to make the world a better place. She points out the fact that artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the world, and it is time that we look at human needs and develop services to fulfil such needs – and this is exactly what they are aiming and achieving at TTBE.

One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
– Stay motivated, stay creative, move ahead fearlessly.
– Motivation and Positivity are infectious.
– Open your heart and go with the flow.

Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
Mrs Anjali proudly shares that despite going through all the tough situations life had to offer, and then to get up again and restart her life is her biggest achievement so far

Brand services you offer?
Talk to Big Ears offers Listening Buddies to anyone who wishes to talk about their problems, and challenges one out of their bad mental space. They organise short retreats called Swadhyay to places like Khajuraho and Pushkar wherein one can learn about themselves and live their best creative life. Non – residential workshops called Swajagrit are organised in Delhi to understand coping techniques of stress and anxiety, and to remove the blockages of our negative emotions.

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