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Released on: Mar 12, 2023


Clinical Hypnotherapist & Expressive Arts Therapist
Mindful Breathing I Lifestyle Coach
International Heal your Life Trainer
The 15 most Influential Women

Dr. Shivani Khetan  is the founder of Mudita, a Wellness Clinic for  holistic growth and development center based in Noida, India. She is a licensed Heal Your Life® workshop leader trainer, coach and a clinical hypnotherapist. Holding a doctorate in Expressive Arts Therapy, she is a expressive arts therapist, life coach, trainer and teacher with over 15 years of experience. Dr.Shivani  has imbibed several powerful techniques and processes that lead to growth and transformation. A practitioner par-excellence, her passion for making knowledge actionable and accessible has inspired her to write books and create self-healing journal with  hundreds of exercises, conduct workshops and programs to help people live better lives. Mindfulness is an integral part of her life through Transcendental   meditation and Pranic Healing.

Mudita by Dr. Shivani Khetan is a journey for sharing and experiencing Joy. This venture was started to help 60 plus seniors as wellness clinic for them to rejuvenate and find purpose and live each day with smile. The inspiration behind this venture is my mother Mrs. Kusum Sharma who is also ambassador of Mudita. She was diagnosed dementia & depression first stage and came to stay with me three years back. She is an artist and ambassador of Mudita and her progress is a remarkable breakthrough with our therapies that have kind of helped her to fight dementia with grace. 

Talk us through your background and your journey as an International healer trainer? Tell us all about the programme.

Mudita is a Sanskrit term that means “joy” or “pleasure.” It refers to the kind of pleasure that can be obtained from seeing other people do well. Mudita by Dr.Shivani Khetan is about sharing  and experiencing Joy. It’s about living a holistic life . At Mudita we encourage socialisation and communication for mental health therapeutic choices for services catering from teens to seniors over 60 years who are struggling with feelings of loneliness, isolation or dementia. Mudita is a wellness clinic which helps to work with individuals as well as group heal your life workshops. 

We are catering to mental health of elders, teens and adults. Through our sessions we help the client to identify and define the problem. With sessions they understand the problems more deeply and eventually choosing the best course of action and implementing & evaluating the choice they have made to determine next step to their goals and how to let go of their addictions and habits through clinical hypnotherapy to transform their life for growth and upliftment of their community.

How do you do justice to this title?
It is very important to know your brain health as we are very much concerned about our physical appearance and health. Emotions need to be expressed to cope with the stress and anxiety of everyday life.Through mental health therapy one needs to tap into subconscious mind to release the inner stress. One such therapy that I use is emotions on canvas through expressive arts therapy. It is specially curated for every individual irrespective of their expertise in art. I believe that every art is beautiful in its own way and tells a story so personal and so inspiring. It helps the client to manage and reduce stress thereby helping them relax all three :mind, body and soul. Art comes in handy when words fail and hence these sessions help client helps to acknowledge and recognise feelings that hide in their subconscious. It is one of the healthiest form of distraction.

Helping others heal is truly my passion. My goal is to guide my clients to find happiness and live their life to the fullest. There are certain paths that during the course of time are developed and even if we want changes don’t take place. I believe we all are capable of making any change we desire for ourselves. Whether you are dealing with anxiety/phobia, pain, limiting belief or weight issues, hypnosis can enhance your ability and give you the tools you need to help you change what’s holding you back – the repeating negative thoughts, self-sabotaging or negative self-talk habits and more. I also go past life regression as a means to help my clients find answers and help give them insight to further assist in healing process. What drives me to hypnotherapy is the fact that use of hypnosis gives you opportunity to make changes that last and it work on free will of the client.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand/talent/style ?
My focus is to help individuals heal, energise and become aware of their inner strengths. We at Mudita achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns and customising a treatment plan.Communication to me is very important scenario to improve to transform one’s life. Listening to the need of your client is very important otherwise thoughts cannot find their solutions. Also fun is most vital aspect to taking part in anything, and yet one of the hardest to achieve. My work is to empower clients to take on responsibilities for their own self development and show confidence in their abilities to achieve their goals.

One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
In the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Please join us in being the change—in transforming your life and communities. Our hearts are with you. Our hearts are together.

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