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Released on: Mar 14th, 2023


Sujyothi Prasad
Contentpreneur, Strategist , Emerging Entrepreneur!
Founder & CEO, MyStyle Communications Pvt Ltd
The 15 most Influential Women IWD 2023: BEST CONTENTPRENEUR

Talk us through your background and your journey as an individual and an entrepreneur. Tell us more about MyStyle communications.
Sujyothi Prasad says that if she had to describe her life in 2 words, it would be ‘roller coaster’, with exciting ups and downs. As an entrepreneur, she realised that she liked the entrepreneurial world in the last 2 years of her 8-year stint so far. Along this ride, she built trust, credibility, and expertise across various domains. Totally because of her passion for the language, she has a degree in journalism and a master’s degree in English literature. Her role as an entrepreneur is what she enjoys the most, aside from being a writer, lecturer, and manager. She has always been interested in writing and possessed the creativity required to create compelling content. Sujyothi gained valuable experience and skills in analysing evolving business trends in terms of content, which led to the creation of content for a variety of businesses. All of this culminated in the formation of her company, MyStyle Communications.

At MyStyle Communications, Sujyothi leads the complete Content Management channel, thus helping businesses connect with its clients and customers online. Her understanding of the digital space and the emerging needs in order to build a reliable and honest reputation for different company models, be it startups, SMEs or big Corporates. They help businesses to grow their online presence and their business through the right content creation approach. MyStyle Communications is an all-in-one solution for content strategy, analysis, development, and marketing in a variety of industrial, corporate, and business verticals. It is a content writing company based in Bangalore that operates throughout the country. The company, founded in 2015 with the powerful goal of empowering women, works with women writers, content strategists, and translators all over the world. The brand’s vision is to assist exceptionally talented women who are unable to realise their full potential due to a variety of circumstances and commitments.

If you had to start over, would you choose a corporate career, or an entrepreneurial career, and why so?
Sujyothi says that if given a choice, she would choose a corporate career because it is a field that she didn’t get a chance to explore yet.

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
As they say, the most powerful business ideas emerge from personal experience; similarly, the story of MyStyle Communications emerged from my painful experience. While I wanted to care for my young child in 2015, my ex-employer did not allow me to work from home. Being fired was the biggest one. That gave birth to MyStyle Communications

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand.
We craft brand stories because we understand that every brand has a story to tell and stories sell. Today, we are recognised as one of the best content writing service providers, with the right mix of experts who imbue clients’ visions and create content that benefits startups, SMEs, and large corporations.” The company specialises in dealing with all types of content, whether digital or print. Client requirements include developing content for the technical, industrial, business, and creative niches for a variety of companies, including startups, SMEs, and large IT corporations. The company excels in being flawless in terms of all deliverables thanks to a team of enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated professionals. It has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products on time.

What is your business success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Sujyothi shares that “Give your heart and soul, the rest will follow.” There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a good leader, in my opinion. Leadership styles and approaches frequently differ greatly across organisations of various sizes, industries, and sectors. The ability to build a great team is one common trait that all leaders must possess. Successful leaders know how to delegate authority and empower others to work independently. Many people mistake leadership for power; in reality, it is a skill that can be used to empower others and help them grow alongside the organisation. In a nutshell, it’s all about growing together.

One special quote or message for all communities.
“Stay at it and believe in your gut”

Any other happy moments or achievements you would like to share with the world.
Sujyothi Prasad says every new client, every new business we learn about is a happy moment for us! We celebrate every client onboarding and give our best to each of them. In 2022, we received innumerable awards and recognition and that has boosted our confidence that we can do better each day!

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