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Released on: Mar 19, 2023


Mamta Negi
Founder Nutrimunchy -healthy snacks for one and all
Mommy at work
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Talk us through your background and your journey as an individual and entrepreneur.
It all was in my mind to start something of my own since childhood. Food industry which is ever green. Food not only gives us energy to sustain but also effects our day to day thinking, mood and health. We are what we eat. India has plethora of products that are healthy and keeps us uplifted but still there is dearth in healthy snacks. They are fried, sugar loaded and punish our waist line. The staple food that we eat is full of nutrients but the main culprit but what we eat in between meals which effects our heart and health most. Industry I always wanted to build a brand that becomes house hold name. So I chose this snacks sector which still is a question for every single household as in what to keep that’s readily acceptable by people of all age groups in A solution for the mid-day hunger as in to pack the tiffin’s, to enjoy the kitty party, to enjoy evening drinks or even to nibble with the exam stress. After I had worked for almost 12 years I boot strapped and started this firm which was Healthy Crunchy Nutrimunchy.
How did it all start? 

It started while travelling when there were not much option of healthy snacks available in India and my never ending desire to enter into food sector. To present something which is a soulful, tasty and build with trust. Provides necessary proteins, calcium and is devoid of oil and sugar. I went to factories designing, tasting the product to selecting the correct product for the mass


If you had to start over would you choose a corporate career or being an entrepreneur
I would always want to be an entrepreneur as it gives passion, motivation, satisfaction and generating employment

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
The hardest challenge was the entry into new area and creating a Niche with the existing big major players. It taught that there should be a differentiator in all the products that. So the high protein the sans sugar not fried but tasty products which are affordable by one and all

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand start-up?
Each product has health benefit. All the product are of good quality Quinoa and Vegetable were used in India for the first time in snacks ready to eat in baked products with as high as 25 % in the ingredients Organic honey is straight from the farms of Himalayas which is good for skin and tummy and adds to your beauty and health regime
What is your business success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Good Quality Tasty product Sugar nahi par meetha hai, Tel nahi par kurkura hai , Kharab Masale nahipar chatpata hai. The brand name says it all “ Healthy Crunchy Nutrimunchy “
One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
Keep Going , Keep smiling, small distractions or failure should never deter from the Larger success or the road ahead , thanks for all the love and All the best.

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