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Released on: Mar 25, 2023


Founder Director at PEARLSS 4 Development
Founder AMITA- a mental health therapy platform
Advisor to Listening Inn
Panelist to Letswalktogether
The 15 most Influential Women IWD 2023: TOP BUSINESS LEADER

Talk us through your background and your journey as an Entrepreneur? Tell us all about your brand and you?
I grew up in a town called Mangalore and my mother took us for charity visits to the Psychiatry unit of the well-known Hospital, Fr. Mullers Hospital. My interest in mental health was further nurtured at NIMHANS where I did my M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work. Throughout my whole work life of four decades, I continued to engage in counseling and strengthen the counseling space. COVID hit hard and we set up online therapy services. One incident was very powerful. The story of an Army man on the India Myanmar borders who reached out to us for services for his wife facing anxiety issues. This made me reflect on the power of online services and I decided to establish an online platform for providing psychotherapy and counseling services. Today the tele-mental health service provides for a symptom screener to arrive at a tentative differential diagnosis. The person can book an appointment identifying the most appropriate therapist for her/him. The person could be provided psychotherapy services offline or online.
If you had to start over, would you choose this as your profession or another and why? Do I want to change my profession?

No. However, if I had a choice to relive the professional journey once again, I would possibly spend more time talking to people about their lives alongside my learning journey from libraries.


How do you do justice to this title?
Work harder, be there for people, respond with greater compassion, listen more

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand/talent/style ?
Our brand AMITA stands for the belief in the limitless potential that people must explore and unravel the depths of human emotions and relationships. The flame of energy allows the flow of energy within a person to reimagine and reframe their life through the therapeutic process.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
We are working with corporates for violence-free workplaces. Through our mental health and violence audits, we provide a score for the industry and track it periodically for the organization. We help the industry to review and reframe its policies and build empathetic leadership within the organization through training, coaching, and peer change agents carried out periodically during the engagement period.
What success mantra have you embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Being relevant to the needs of the organization and the various stakeholders to the process. Our values focus on compassionate care, effective models, and approaches, being efficient to deliver results.
One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
When you put your energies into what you are doing, it sends positive vibes to those who are part of the process and energize them to harness their own space and parts that need to be worked on. In the process, you send ripples of energies that vibrate in unison.
Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
Our happy moments are the happy smiling faces that we see on our client’s faces when they have worked on their own life problem. What is important for us is when client sustains those smiles without, we are being there in their spaces.

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