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Released on: Apr 6, 2023


Geeta Seth Nutritionist - Specialist in reverse pre or early diabetes, reverse high cholesterol All through home food
The 15 Most Influential Women IWD 2023: TOP DIET DESIGNER

Talk us through your background and your journey as a Nutritionist / dietician?
I topped the school in science and Nutrition. Less I knew that I would pursue my career as a nutritionist. I got married very early and my husband encouraged me to study. Going to college was not easy after marriage but I topped as a gold medalist Later I worked in a multispecialty hospital, was head for VLCC India. Later worked in India’s ranked Diabetes, Thyroid and Obesity research centre. Shifted to Indonesia and have been a nutritionist here in Jakarta.
If you had to start over, would you choose a corporate career or being a dietician ?

Well being a nutritionist is really like serving humanity and doing your work too. As we know that for anything or everything it’s the health which allows a person to be there ,where he wants to be. I prefer my role as it really helps people to stay healthy.


What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
Hard challenge comes daily in the form of unaware patients. They don’t take their health seriously and don’t understand the consequences.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your Brand startup?
The fact that we only use natural products distinguishes us in a unique way. No medicine ,no chemicals etc. Not buying any readymade solution. Infact, the recipes we suggest are such that my clients make it easily at home and know what the body is consuming.

Tell us about your social initiatives?
Our Social initiatives are not only creating good health for the ones who are wanting to be fit but spread awareness in the lower class. Many times we distribute healthy food for awareness.
What is your business success mantra that you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?
Business success mantra is only one thing which I have followed ever since I remember. No Marketing at all. Diet and Nutrition are exactly as we know them in simple English. They are not miraculous. They suddenly will not make you feel on top. A genuine lifestyle change, correct food choices is the key. Fad diets or unusual combination never works. Stick to the nutritional needs of the body. Everybody is different that’s why we need diet designing.
One special Quote/message for all communities/brands.
Well stick to natural base of the foods. The more the food is processed the more it is named as destroyed food. Sell good health only.
Any other Happy moments /achievements you would like to share with the world.
I never leave a client till it is a happy moment. My every client is happily satisfied. I go out of my way to council ,etc to get results. This is very important to me. Contributed in writing the book on Diabetes named “ How to get the most out of your Pump” Insulin Pump trainer from Medtronic USA, relocated to Jakarta Indonesia in 2010 and was a chief nutritionist in a leading hospital for several years followed by pursuing my profession as an independent nutritionist with clientele worldwide ”
Brand services you offer?
Brand service is treating the physical ailments just from the natural food ..all that is available in your kitchen. Nothing to buy, no readymade stuff. My client should know clearly what is he is consuming. Trust factor is very important. He should trust what he eats . And that he will do only when he knows clearly what to eat I am successful in balancing the Lipids in the body, reversing Fatty Liver ,bringing uric acid in normal range, normalizing blood glucose, reversing pre-diabetes also frank diabetes control. Dealing with hypertension. Rising haemoglobin without iron pills. Managing flatulence, acidity, acid reflux. Dealing with Hiatus hernia, anxiety, obesity, malnourishment, hair fall and improving bone strength. No medicines and mostly pure home remedies. Just healthy lifestyle, few food changes is the Mantra

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