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Released on: May 10th, 2024



Talk us through your background and your journey as an individual and entrepreneur.
I was born in the family of doctors. Brought up by doctor parents, I saw immense satisfaction and joy they had in serving their patients. Their giving approach and love for their service created in me a deep impact. While I did not realise back then, later as I progressed to my senior secondary education, I found myself to be quite uninterested in usual curriculum. My mother who I believe was God sent could notice my lack of interest. She supported my through and through my struggle with my school studies. And when it was time to go for further education, she came up with the idea of me studying Applied Psychology (did not have this subject in school). This was that Aha moment when my soul lighted up. I jumped to her idea and went on to do my graduation and post-graduation in Applied Psychology. In the process, I worked with different kinds of people and found my interest and passion to create difference in the lives of people just as my parents were doing; with the difference that I was taking a non-medical path.

I worked through the corporate and education sector in HR for 2 decades. And it was after about 17 years, I could feel the deep knock within me to spread my wings further. I was getting uncomfortable within the small boundaries of the defined structures of the job. And in one of the great conversations I had with my boss, I quit my job and ventured out to the world to live my purpose of helping people to live a happy life. It has been a very long journey after quitting my job that started from becoming NLP Master practitioner to now serving as Relationship Coach helping women save their marriages.

If you had to start over, would you choose a corporate career or being an entrepreneur, and why? 

If I am to start again, I think I would start with corporate once again to get the exposure, meet different people, see the world through the eyes of corporate, understand their side of the world and then venture out as an entrepreneur. The difference now would be that I would not spend 20 years in the corporate. I would spend 3-5 years and venture out .

What is the hardest challenge you faced in your career, and how did you turn it into an opportunity?
Hardest challenge I faced was undefined working hours and no steady income like how I used to get in the job. Being a woman, the balance between household work and setting up business became quite imbalanced. Both demanded time. So some bit of household work suffered and on the other hand business was very slow to pick up. This was actually an opportunity that led me to grow and mature enough to manage any challenge that came my way. Challenges no more looked like challenges. They appeared as any other task to be done. And that is how then I could lay my hands on multi-tasking with ease and comfort and started to live every moment of life beautifully.

Tell us about the uniqueness of your brand startup and its services
I work with married woman who are struggling to make their relationship work with not just the husband but with inlaws as well. Initially, when I used to advertise, most women used to think that I am that traditional woman who is only wanting women to “adjust” to the situations and people in their married life. I used to get their comments on social media saying – ‘ why do you not work with men?’ It was quite a struggle to make them believe that my program had nothing to do with any adjustment. I learnt to communicate this message over time. And with 99% success stories, my clients have not only been able to save their marriages but also our 6 months program creates 360 degrees change – changes all aspects of their married life. And the unique part of the program is that woman alone can save her marriage without losing herself in the process…..that’s what we at Ahamarriedlife are all about

Tell us about your social initiatives.
I am a devotee of Art of Living and regularly donate for children’s meals and education. Additionally, I am sponsoring a girl child’s education. And committed to sponsor her until she graduates from school. She is currently in grade 2.

What is your business success mantra that you have embraced as you seek to establish your success story?
Focus on giving from your heart and soul. If you focus on earning money and use your services as a means to earn that money, you will not succeed beyond a point. When you focus truly on giving, your business grows

One special quote or message for all communities/brands.
“Manzil ko batane ki zaroorat nahi ki raste kya hai, , raston ko bata do ki manzil kahan hai”

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